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Become a Reseller

  • No minimum order
  • No minimum turnover
  • Quotations and net prices
  • Same day shipping and free delivery for orders over €100.00
  • Drop shipping   We deliver the ordered goods directly from our warehouse. We make sure that the package is sent directly to your customer, anonymously.
  • Personalized website , address www.vostronome owned by you, all our products and all the products of your suppliers, personalized prices for your customers, payment system, shipping and collection on site
  • Personalized catalogs and flyers with your logo and address provided in PDF ready to print or send 
  • Automatic newsletter service to keep your site customers updated
  • We import products with your brand from China
  • We offer flexible logistics solutions to meet all your requests and wishes. From deliveries from the warehouse in Italy to FOB deliveries directly from China: larger quantities can be delivered directly from Asia to your warehouse
  • Becoming a reseller can be a great opportunity to increase your sales and reach a wider audience.
  • The advantages are numerous and interesting. In particular, it is important to underline the absence of a minimum order and a minimum turnover, which makes the resale agreement more accessible to everyone. Furthermore, the possibility of using the drop shipping service is an important advantage for retailers who do not want to deal with logistics management.
  • The personalized website, personalized catalogs and flyers and the automatic newsletter service are useful tools for promoting products and reaching a wider audience.
  • Importing from China under your own brand is an interesting opportunity for retailers who want to differentiate themselves from the competition.
  • Flexible logistics is an important advantage for retailers who have specific needs.
  • In conclusion, the advantages offered are numerous and interesting. The reseller agreement can be a good opportunity to increase sales and reach a wider audience.


  • Everything can be sold and everything has a market. The point is knowing how, when and where to do it.
  • In principle, anything can be sold, as long as you find a market willing to pay for it. The point is to understand what the needs and wants of that market are, and how to satisfy those needs and wants effectively.

    For example, you can sell a stone if you can convince someone that the stone has special value. You can sell an idea if you can convince someone that that idea is valid and can bring benefits. You can sell a service if you can convince someone that that service is necessary or desirable.

    Ultimately, selling is a matter of communication. It's about understanding what the customer wants and finding ways to communicate to the customer that the product or service you are selling can satisfy that need.

    There are many factors that influence the possibility of selling something:

    • The product or service itself:  must be of good quality, satisfy a customer need or desire, and have a competitive price.
    • The market:  there must be a market of potential customers willing to pay for the product or service.
    • Communication:  must be effective in reaching the market and convincing potential customers to buy.

    If you can consider all these factors, you have a good chance of selling anything.